Throughout this process, our team will be there to guide you, provide recommendations, and keep you informed at every stage. We strive to ensure a smooth and successful purchase, making sure your interests are protected and your goals are achieved.

Contract Process

Navigating the property purchase process involves several important steps. Here’s a breakdown of each step to guide you through the process.

The Initial Agreement and Deposit

Maintain clear documentation of all agreements, including verbal discussions, counter-offers, and addendums. Our team will assist you in converting these into written agreements, ensuring both parties sign them. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process, ensuring all requirements are met on time.

The Closing Agent

A closing agent, either a title company or an attorney, will be selected to hold the deposit in escrow and conduct a comprehensive title search to ensure the property is free of encumbrances. They will also handle any recorded easements or restrictions that may affect the property.


Once your offer is accepted, schedule a licensed property inspector to thoroughly examine the property within the agreed-upon timeframe. You may choose to hire specialized inspectors for different areas of expertise, such as roofing or HVAC systems. We can provide recommendations for reputable inspectors and contractors if needed.

Appraisal & Lending

Maintain close communication with your lender to ensure a smooth loan approval process. An appraisal will be conducted to determine the property’s value for the lending institution. Stay in touch with your lender to ensure a timely and successful closing.

Property Insurance

Obtain the required amount of insurance on the property as mandated by your lender. Shop around for insurance to find the best rates and consider factors such as higher deductibles and available discounts. We can recommend experienced insurance agents based on the type of property you’re purchasing.